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Chungking Express / 重慶森林

Pineapple will never be the same


Release Date: July 14, 1994
Director: Wong Kar-Wai
Language: Cantonese

Who should watch this movie: Folks who just got dumped. People who actually listen to the Cranberries and not just “Zombie.” (Which is actually about The Troubles in Ireland in the 80s and 90s! fun fact!) 

When should you watch this movie: When you’re feeling lonely and would rather feel whimsical. 

The sell: For a movie about break-ups, Chungking Express is surprisingly fun. Wong Karwai is a genius with color and movement. The scenes of busy Hong Kong streets are chaotic but exciting. Frenetic action of the bustling city streets is juxtaposed with scenes of moody solitude, where characters live in their own heads and sigh longingly out of windows. The combination of energies is compelling and clues the audience into the interior lives of lonely people living in a crowded space. The movie itself is really two stories told back to back, connected by a brief moment in the brush of a shoulder. Basically, two great movies for the price of one.


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