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Red Sparrow

The ballet dance body double did a good job


Release date: February 15, 2018
Director: Francis Lawrence
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: People who genuinely enjoyed the Mockingjay movie. 

When should you watch this movie: When you’re feeling particularly ill-willed towards Jennifer Lawrence 

The sell: I really don’t know why so many “girl power” movies require their leading ladies to be horrifically abused before they are allowed to be heroic. Sure, there is something very satisfying about watching a woman overcome adversity and take righteous vengeance on her abusers. But there is no need to spend ⅔ of a feature watching the female lead undergo a continental breakfast buffet of torture. The implication is that there is entertainment value in watching a woman endure pain at the hands of powerful men, and frankly that’s gross. We experience enough of that in real life, there is no need to frame it with a camera and some good lighting.


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