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Tulip Fever

The history is more exciting


Release date: September 1, 2017
Director: Justin Chadwick
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: No one in particular 

When should you watch this movie: Not at home when you could watch something else, but also not on an airplane because 90% of the scenes are shot in candlelight and thus cannot be viewed on an inflight screen. 

The sell: I really cannot think of a more “Meh” movie about a genuinely interesting historical phenomenon. I hate to say this about anything that Christoph Waltz is in, but man this movie is so underwhelming. There aren’t even enough sexy bits to make it worth watching for fun. Tulip Fever is set during a real period of time during the Dutch Golden Age called “Tulip Mania” where the newly introduced tulip bulb reached astronomical prices in the market. And yet, they made this movie about why you should never date an artist. Save yourself some time, skip this movie, and go read the Wikipedia page on Tulip Mania.


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