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Eat Pray Love

It’s all one verb


Release date: August 13, 2010
Director: Ryan Murphy
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Recently single people. Anyone who has recently moved abroad. 

When should you watch this movie: When you’re craving pizza. When your meditation group keeps sending you “reading material” 

The sell: This movie is a meme now, and rightly so. At a glance, it’s about a white lady who goes on a trip to “find herself” after a divorce and messy break-up. It’s not not a movie about using other cultures as a tool for self exploration and it’s also not not about having sex with Javier Bardem. That being said, it’s not entirely a bad movie. In fact, it has a lot of good elements. There are a lot of good eating scenes in Italy, and one really great shopping scene. There is also some effective messaging about finding comfort within yourself rather than other people. I promise that if you put it on for a laugh, you will have a better time than you expected.


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