Knives Out

Please keep casting Lakeith Stanfield in everything


Release date: September 7, 2019
Director: Rian Johnson
Language: English

Who should see this movie: People who are not yet convinced that Ben Affleck does not deserve to be dating Ana de Armas. Anyone who has done extensive research on Elder Mistreatment. 

When should you see this movie: In the middle of the day when you have evening plans. 

The sell: This movie had so many good performances and still managed to be underwhelming. In part because the hype around the movie was so high. Killer cast (haha), accomplished director attached, this movie should have been better. The shortcomings really lie in the story itself rather than the telling of that story. In fact, you could think of Knives Out as having rescued a bad story with good performances and turned it into a not so bad movie. Fans of mystery will see this film and conclude that 1) it’s not a compelling crime 2) the detective work is lacking and 3) ending on a deus ex is a cop-out. It may be worth it to see this movie just for the acting, but I recommend keeping expectations low.

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