Shoplifters / 万引き家族

Nothing brings people together like murder!


Release date: June 8, 2018
Director: Hirokazu Koreeda
Language: Japanese

Who should see this movie: People who love their chosen family 

When should you see this movie: In a theatre if possible. 

The sell: Koreeda knows exactly how to pull each and every heartstring with perfect precision, it’s almost scary. In Shoplifters, Koreeda brings you into a family on the fringes. He says right off the bat, “look, here is a family. It’s definitely a family,” and then spends the rest of the movie adding increasingly complex qualifications to that statement. Shoplifters not only explores poverty in Japan – a theme rarely portrayed in Japanese film – but also overturns the traditional notion of familial expectation/filial piety. In doing so, he threatens the deeply entrenched notions of family life that serve as a foundation to every other social tier. In short, this movie is disruptive. But it is also heartbreakingly beautiful and at times even sweet. Koreeda’s shots of daily life in Japan are gorgeous. Sakura Ando deserves an Oscar or five.

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