The Shining

Don’t let Kubrick stans shame you into watching this movie


Release date: May 23, 1980
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Fans of horror 

When should you watch this movie: During the daytime with a buddy 

The sell: I watched this movie (against my will) for the first time in 7th grade and even back then I knew that I hated horror movies. I genuinely don’t know how I managed to sit through the whole thing, but I recall that there was a lot of screaming and that I couldn’t sleep for days (weeks) after. That being said, as an adult, I can appreciate the artistic value in The Shining. Kubrick is so detail oriented. Every layer of suspense and fear is built meticulously, from the impossible layout of the hotel (look it up) to the pattern on the carpet. There is no need to rely on classic horror tropes, because – with just a few jump scares and minimal gore – Kubrick ensures that every eye-twitch or seemingly random cutaway is 100% terrifying. It’s with good reason that this movie is iconic. Bonus Fact: Shelley Duvall went on to be the host of Faerie Tale Theatre from 1982 to 1987, a much more wholesome production and an equally formative piece of media in my childhood.

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