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Blazing Saddles

Proceed with caution


Release date: February 7, 1974
Director: Mel Brooks
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Fans of Gene Wilder. People who saw “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” and didn’t get the Blazing Saddles reference 

When should you watch this movie: When you’re tired of online trolls calling you a PC snowflake

The sell: Woof, Mel Brooks does not pull punches with this movie. Blazing Saddles is proof that you can be “politically incorrect” and still have good political analysis. This movie, which came out in 1974, is a big middle finger to an American public who think we are past racism. Brooks somehow combines edgy (and I mean edgy) race commentary with fart jokes in a way that isn’t mocking. The whole movie is one big joke at the expense of white supremacist structures in government and in Hollywood. This movie has all the classic Mel Brooks tells, like brutal honesty about our societal failings and undeveloped female characters!


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