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12 years is a long time. 12 years ago I was in 7th grade and pretending I had never heard of Green Day so that the boy I had a crush on could “introduce me to” American Idiot


Release date: January 19, 2014
Director: Richard Linklater
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Anyone who is or has ever been a boy. People who have raised boys. Anyone who grew up in Texas. 

When should you watch this movie: Before any major life change/transition. When you miss your mom. 

The sell: Boyhood is one of Linklater’s more ambitious projects, but remains in line with the rest of his work in exploring the day-to-dayness of life. Shot in vignettes with the same actors over the course of 12 years, the audience literally witnesses the characters grow older and grow up. Linklater is a master of dialogue and is able to bring out the poetry in hyper-real scenarios. His script is then elevated by expert performances from all cast members, in particular Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette . Boyhood will make you feel old!!


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