Forgetting Sarah Marshall

#Notallmen means all men except Peter Bretter


Release date: April 18, 2008
Director: Nicholas Stoller
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Folks tired of the “nice guy” trope. Fans of Freaks and Geeks. 

When should you watch this movie: After a break up. When you’re in a creative rut.

The sell: This is not a rom com. This is a thesis on why you should not rely on others for self growth and actualization. The movie is set up to be a straightforward kitsch piece where broken hearted guy meets new girl and problem solved, but the story ends up being something else entirely. Jason Segel plays a flawed but genuine man who, through heartbreak (and a sprinkle of friendship) is able to find strength within himself. Yes, he does get the girl at the end, we know that going in, but the movie ensures that growth and improvement happen independently of that relationship. Paul Rudd is in this movie. Jason Segel’s penis is also in this movie. 

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