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One man’s journey to realizing that women are people


Release date: February 11, 2005
Director: Andy Tennant
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: People fed up with dating. 

When should you watch this movie: When you’ve forgotten what it’s about

The sell: Hitch could have been a bad movie, but it’s actually hovering just above that distinction. The premise alone is troubling: Will Smith plays a dating couch, who helps (romantically) struggling men into serious relationships with women. The movie begins as he takes on Paul Blart Mall Cop as his client and most ambitious project to date. Of course, this movie is not about Paul Blart Mall Cop, it is about Will Smith (the hot leading guy) falling in love with Eva Mendes (the hot leading lady). Not a great start. However, the movie somehow navigates the murky waters of dating norms in 2005 and comes out with a relatively unproblematic punchline. It can be a bit #notallmen and Will Smith can be slightly too persistent in his wooing of Eva Mendes but in the end he learns a lesson, and all things considered, it could have been worse.


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