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Style over substance


Release date: July 16, 2010
Director: Christopher Nolan
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Nolanites (my new name for fans of Christopher Nolan). Folks who work in production design.

When should you watch this movie: When you realize that Sixth Sense is less fun to watch when you already know the ending. 

The sell: While Inception may be over the top and a little navel gazey, it is a feat of practical effects. A lot of Cool stuff happens in inception and the way the production team executed it is even cooler. While I don’t personally love the way that Nolan represents the dream scape, even I have to admit that some pretty awesome shit goes down.  (But lowkey if this is what Christopher Nolan’s dreams are like, that explains a lot). Inception is a clean movie, compared to other films that explore the subconscious. The scenes are built with sharp and crisp lines to emphasize the movie’s architectural motif. The messiest and resultantly the best part of the movie is Marian Cotillard’s performance. Her character brings a chaos to an otherwise orderly story and is the catalyst for any uncertainty left in the audience. There is no denying that inception is a pop culture icon, and an important moment for high budget films. Whether it is worth seeing for that reason is entirely up to you.


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