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Juliet, Naked

Chris O’Dowd really isn’t a dramatic actor, sorry dude


Release date: August 17, 2018
Director: Jesse Peretz
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Anyone in an unhappy relationship

When should you watch this movie: When it dawns on you that you’re the toxic one in the relationship

The sell: This is a story with a creative premise that’s ruined by bad storytelling. Not even a stellar performance by Rose Byrne can save this movie from being a disappointment. Juliet, Naked is about a woman, depressed and trapped in an unhappy relationship, who then finds comfort in a new shitty relationship. The frustrating bit is that she’s an otherwise well-rounded character. She is smart, accomplished and honest, making it all the more unrealistic that she’d lead her life entirely in service of shitty men. We’re meant to understand her new relationship as something good and positive for her, but really it’s just another thing holding her back. Unfortunately, the movie does not seem to realize this and plods along naively to an underwhelming end.


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