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My favorite album is featured in this movie but they focus on the wrong song


Release date: December 5, 2007
Director: Jason Reitman
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Baby gays. Fans of Kimya Dawson. 

When should you watch this movie: When you’ve just seen Gone Girl and the “Cool Girl” monologue really awoke something angry in you. 

The sell: Someone somewhere may have at some point pitched Juno to you as “a movie about teen pregnancy.” This is unfortunate, not only because it’s a gross misrepresentation about what this movie is about but also because you still haven’t seen it despite urging. Allow me to urge better and with more gusto: Juno is entirely unexpected. The cast is packed with comic actors, but I wouldn’t call it a comedy. The main character is a pregnant teenager, but it’s not a movie about teenage pregnancy. It’s not quite a love story, nor is it a family drama. Juno exists in it’s own category of quiet indie films that pack an emotional punch; exploring themes of love and relationships, social class, aging, and rock + roll, all while maintaining a charming quirk and sharp dialogue. Ellen Page is perfect in this movie, delivering her punchy lines with a loveable monotone and bringing vulnerability to a hard character. Kimya Dawson’s soundtrack is also 10/10 A+. I want to write so much more about how good Juno is, and about Jennifer Garner’s performance and Rainn Wilson’s cameo, but I’ll just leave you with this tweet: “if i found out my husband was making mix CDs for the high schooler who was having my baby, i’d stick his head on a pike outside my house. And that’s my review of juno.” -@RaxKingIsDead

PS: Listen to If I Were a Carpenter, the tribute album by various artists covering Carpenters songs. Yes the Sonic Youth version of Superstar is good, but the Shonen Knife cover of Top of the World is better


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