Paprika / パプリカ

Dream therapy actually sounds terrible and I would never sign up


Release date: November 25, 2006
Director: Satoshi Kon
Language: Japanese

Who should watch this movie: Fans of Akira. Fans of Tokyo Ghoul. 

When should you watch this movie: When you’re down for something weird. When you’re trying to convince your friend that Christopher Nolan is just ok. 

The sell: The real world and the dream world collide in this trippy mystery flick that serves as a reminder to audiences that technology is not to be messed with. There is very little “explanation” in this movie, rather you’re meant to figure things out as you go along. The characters’ and consequently the audience’s grasp on reality is slowly eroded throughout the film, culminating in a crazy, worlds-colliding showdown. Because the subconscious world is such a key piece to this story, themes of trauma and repressed memory are explored at length. As such, Paprika can be viewed as an elaborate fable on the dangers of unaddressed mental health challenges. That being said, piecing together any single message from this movie is challenging if not impossible. It’s really really weird, a lot like witnessing an actual dream. Inception wishes it was this movie.

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