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The Emperor’s New Groove

The funniest movie ever made, you cannot convince me otherwise


Release date: December 15, 2000
Director: Mark Dindal
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Everyone with a soul and a few without. 

When should you watch this movie: Every time you think of it

The sell: This movie is SO GOOD. The story is original, the characters are loveable (even the evil ones), and the dialogue is pure gold all the way through. I cannot think of a more purely entertaining movie that also demonstrates expert storytelling, comedy writing, and character development. The plot revolves around Emperor Kuzco who believes the whole world revolves around him. It takes some potion, some poison, and lots of walking for him to figure out it doesn’t, and the transformation is actually believable. Despite being *loosely* based on famous story “The Emperor has no clothes,” this whole movie is unexpected and refreshingly unpredictable. Ps Kronk was the original himbo


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