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Their Eyes Were Watching God

I watched this in my HS English class lol


Release date: March 6 , 2005
Director: Darnell Martin
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: If you, during adolescence, romanticized relationships that you now realize were really toxic 

When should you watch this movie: When you want to gaze into Michael Ealy’s beautiful eyes

The sell: Zora Neal Hurston was a libertarian but also my 16 year old heart loves this book and this movie. Their eyes were watching god is the story of a young woman who goes out into the world to learn about life and about herself. Themes explored include burgeoning sexuality, relationships, and generational trauma. The book is a powerful meditation on black womanhood and while I’m not sure the movie captures all the layered elements of that, it is still a beautiful production. That being said, there is some troubling sympathy for abusers and abuse disguised as love. Complicated, but Halle Berry nails it regardless.


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