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Shutter Island

Tbh I did NOT see that coming


Release date: February 19, 2010
Director: Martin Scorsese
Language: English 

Who should watch this movie: People who aren’t typically fans of horror. People who liked Inception.

When should you watch this movie: When you’re in the mood for an actual mystery.

The sell: Though Shutter Island is by no means an accurate portrayal of mental illness, it is an expertly constructed narrative that guides viewers through layers of trauma to an unexpected end. The movie begins with all the predictable fixings of a detective thriller and then subverts, perverts, and shits all over the trope. Despite being gritty and at times disturbing, the story itself is delicately crafted. Seemingly small details slowly disorient the main character along with the audience, until both find themselves engulfed in chaos they didn’t see coming. As the fog clears and the truth is revealed, the audience is not left with a sense of closure or clarity, but rather with a challenging moral quandary. Leonardo DiCaprio plays alongside Mark Ruffalo and both deliver subtle performances that tie together an otherwise turbulent narrative. Yes, some moments are over-played for scare factor and yes, the “corrupt asylum” is a tired setting. However, both sins – I believe – are forgivable in the context of this otherwise excellent film. 


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