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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

J. K. Rowling can smd


Release date: November 18, 2016
Director: David Yates
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Adult potterheads on a nostalgia trip. Fans of Eddie Redmayne. 

When should you watch this movie: When you’re prepared to compartmentalize your hatred (born of betrayal) for JK Rowling (and if this is never, I totally understand). 

The sell: This movie is pretty mediocre with the exception of Eddie Redmayne’s performance. While being swept back up into the wizarding world of the potter-verse is nostalgic and comforting for many, this particular extension feels poorly arranged and under-developed. The magical creatures themselves are exciting and at times endearing, but the human characters are lackluster (again, all with the exception of Eddie Redmayne). I love this performance of Eddie’s specifically for the non toxic masculinity. He portrays Newt Scamander with compassion and quiet determination. He isn’t driven by ego or by courage even. He is driven by genuine love for his calling. It’s an unconventional model for a protagonist and I don’t think it would have been so effective if it weren’t in the hands of such a skilled performer. Does Eddie save this movie? It’s not a must see by any stretch of the imagination, but Eddie brings it from a failing grade to a solid C+, which is maybe the best we can expect.


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