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About Time

It is possible to be too charming


Release date: September 4, 2013
Director: Richard Curtis
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Folks with a high tolerance for kitsch.

When should you watch this movie: At family gatherings around the holidays but only if you like your family.

The sell: About Time is the definition of a feel-good movie. Though nominally a romance, the central couple are only central for a few early moments. The rest of the film explores romance in broader terms as it applies to myriad relationships between friends and family. While the film’s premise is fantastical, everything else about the story is deeply human. The exchanges are familiar in their awkwardness and the characters are motivated by earthly whims and desires. According to this film, love alone is not complicated, it’s what you do with it that’s the issue. Domhnall Gleason shines in this role, sweet and just faulty enough to be relatable. The supporting cast as well bring a warmth to the screen, imbued with feeling and humor. This movie asks very little of it’s audience and occasionally verges on sickly, but it can win you over if you’re willing.


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