I watched this god awful movie so you don’t have to


Release date: October 28, 2020
Director: John Whitesell
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Boomers.

When should you watch this movie: On Christmas day while your family fights in the background.

The sell: I’m not even a Hallmark movie hater. I truly believe there is a time and a place for kitschy schlock. But this sad, half-assed attempt to subvert the genre is pathetic and painful to watch. By centering an unhappy Millennial, full of sarcastic cynicism, I imagine the executives hoped to add some edge to this otherwise vanilla genre. But the result is just that the main character is that much more annoying. In fact, every single character is irredeemably shitty. It doesn’t help that the main couple (played by Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey) have absolutely no chemistry, or that the script sounds like it was written by a 45 year old incel. The only genuine pleasure in this movie is Kristin Chenoweth but even her character gets tragically taming-of-the-shrew’d. Even if you hate the holiday season, don’t watch this movie. It is guaranteed to make the whole experience worse.

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