Meshes of the Afternoon

If I ever find myself at a seance, you can bet your ass I’ll be attempting to contact Maya Deren. I have so many questions for her, the first and most important being: Will you be my girlfriend?


Release date: 1943
Director: Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid
Language: N/A

Who should watch this movie: Simps. People who claim to like Fellini but are secretly looking for better role models in experimental film. 

When should you watch this movie: In the afternoon, duh. 

The sell: Meshes of the Afternoon is a short film by Maya Deren, the photographer, dancer, anthropologist, filmmaker extraordinaire. Deren sets out to learn about film through making films, exploring rhythm and movement as a dance between figure and camera. Meshes of the Afternoon employs physical symbols as well as movement motifs to spin the audience through a dreamlike sequence that is at once languid and turbulent. As the action spirals, and the lines of light, architecture, and time begin to blur, the film ends with a smash – lurching audiences out of the dream sequence and back into something tangible. Meshes of the Afternoon is a foundational work of experimental filmmaking and should be shown in more intro film classes instead of Mothlight. Fuck off Stan Brakhage. 

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