Those People

An ode to you and your toxic friend (you know the one)


Release date: May 16, 2015
Director: Joey Khun
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: Gays in love with their straight friend. People who had a Gilbert and Sullivan phase that they’re not completely over. 

When should you watch this movie: When you finally leave an unhealthy relationship. When you’re out of inspiration for your art-school thesis project. 

The sell: Finally a queer film where the story doesn’t revolve around coming out or death! Instead, the story centers the fraught and toxic relationship between a young man and his tortured socialite best friend. Yay! Set to a miscellaneous playlist of Gilbert and Sullivan numbers, Those People follows Charlie, a young art student, as he navigates first love, new love, and a slew of complications between. Despite introducing realistic and fascinatingly complicated relationship dynamics, the film fails to address its own themes with any nuance or real care. Rather than carefully disentangling the web of mixed emotion, the script turns jealousy and rage into a metaphorical sledgehammer, delivering blunt force to a delicate human problem. The toxic best friend in question, Sebastian, is played by Jason Ralph (a criminally unappreciated talent), whose charisma carries what would otherwise be an unremarkable indie drama. Directed by cinematographer Joey Khun, the film is visually stunning, which provides additional support to the lackluster script. Those People contains nuggets of sharp filmmaking but is otherwise disappointing. Seriously though, check out Magicians on Netflix to see more of Jason Ralph’s fantastic acting work. 

CW Suicide

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