Enola Holmes

Is disliking Millie Bobby Brown a legit opinion or is it just internalized misogyny?
No seriously, I want to know.


Release date: September 23, 2020
Director: Harry Bradbeer
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: People who never had a BBC Sherlock phase. Folks who bought a “pussyhat” on etsy.

When should you watch this movie: When the 9-12 year old you’re babysitting wants to watch something.

The sell: Enola Holmes was an OK idea green-lit by Netflix execs who didn’t read the script, but insisted that Millie Bobby Brown be cast as the lead. There doesn’t seem to be much agreement within the film regarding what kind of film it actually is. It flits incoherently between “girl-power comedy,” mystery thriller, political drama, and teen romance, with clumsy transitions and awkward line readings. Yes, certain individual scenes are good. But they are only good outside the context of the movie, and only exist because an overqualified writer snuck it by the producers on a busy Thursday at the office, 5 minutes before everyone left for happy hour. Needless to say, this film fails to find its footing. However, there is potential for this franchise to become something actually interesting, so long as the writers choose (or are even able) to expand on the little nuggets of quality filmmaking scattered throughout this film. There is also potential for Millie Bobby Brown to grow as an actress (and as a human), such that future iterations of this character feel more like a teenage detective and less like a teenager playing a detective.

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