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What the fuck did I just watch? YES Release Date: February 23, 2018Director: Alex Garland Language: English Who should watch this movie: People who liked Ex Machina. People who want to see Natalie Portman act in a well written movie and not the star wars prequels or Closer. People who watched Close Encounters when theyContinue reading “Annihilation”

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Both the portrait AND the lady are on fire YES Release Date: September 18, 2019Director: Céline SciammaLanguage: French Who should watch this movie: Self-identified cottagecore tik tok users. Cat owners. Folks who dream of sapphic romance but gay-panic anytime a woman touches them. Fans of Rachel Weisz’s filmography. People who watched Masculine/Feminine because “It’s aContinue reading “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”

Children of Men

Sure, but I still don’t want a baby YES Release Date: January 5, 2007Director: Alfonso CuarónLanguage: English Who should watch this movie: Fans of science fiction and/or dystopian dramas. People who may not be big fans of deep science fiction a la 2001 Space Odyssey, but who enjoy the theoretical implications of apocalypse scenarios.  WhenContinue reading “Children of Men”

The Adventures of Robin Hood

The best movie ever and I mean that YES Release Date: May 14, 1938Director: Michael Curtiz, William Keighley Language: English Who should watch this movie:  Literally anyone. Good for all ages, all moods, and all times of day/year. If you’re in a bad mood, it will cheer you up, if you’re in a good mood,Continue reading “The Adventures of Robin Hood”