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Snowpiercer / 설국열차;

Let’s blame it all on Kelly Masterson NO Release date: August 1, 2013Director: Bong Joon-hoLanguage: English, Korean Who should watch this movie: Cynics.  When should you watch this movie: When you’re ready to give up. When you’re curious about the TV show and want to see the source material.  The sell: It’s hard to sayContinue reading “Snowpiercer / 설국열차;”

Knives Out

Please keep casting Lakeith Stanfield in everything MAYBE Release date: September 7, 2019Director: Rian JohnsonLanguage: English Who should see this movie: People who are not yet convinced that Ben Affleck does not deserve to be dating Ana de Armas. Anyone who has done extensive research on Elder Mistreatment.  When should you see this movie: InContinue reading “Knives Out”