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Catch me getting my hot take in BEFORE the Oscars so people won’t call me an edgelord after this movie sweeps every category. MAYBE Release date: November 13, 2020Director: David FincherLanguage: English Who should watch this movie: People who love movies (like, Love love). Folks with an interest in Hollywood lore. Political scientists.  When shouldContinue reading “Mank”


The Prince of Egypt

Why did they let us watch this in elementary school?? YES Release date: December 16, 1998Director: Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, Simon WellsLanguage: English Who should watch this movie: Curious gentiles. Jews in their 20s. Musical enthusiasts. When should you watch this movie: During Passover, when you can’t go home for seder. The sell: The PrinceContinue reading “The Prince of Egypt”