Sansho the Bailiff / 山椒大夫

Extra sad! Down with capitalism! YES Release Date: March 31, 1954Director: Kenji MizoguchiLanguage: Japanese Who should watch this movie: People who think Kurosawa is the only Japanese director of note.   When should you watch this movie: When you have the next 48 hours to recover emotionally.  The sell: Sansho the Bailiff starts sad and getsContinue reading “Sansho the Bailiff / 山椒大夫”

Seven Samurai / 七人の侍

Toshiro Mifune’s BARE ASS YES Release Date: April 26, 1954Director: Akira KurosawaLanguage: Japanese Who should watch this movie: People who mistook this movie for “The Last Samurai” with Tom Cruise and are better off for it. People who think they don’t like black and white movies with subtitles and are about to be proved wrong. Continue reading “Seven Samurai / 七人の侍”

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Both the portrait AND the lady are on fire YES Release Date: September 18, 2019Director: Céline SciammaLanguage: French Who should watch this movie: Self-identified cottagecore tik tok users. Cat owners. Folks who dream of sapphic romance but gay-panic anytime a woman touches them. Fans of Rachel Weisz’s filmography. People who watched Masculine/Feminine because “It’s aContinue reading “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”