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Room in Rome

It’s not about the sex, but it is kind of about the sex


Release date: May 7, 2010
Director: Julio Medem
Language: English, Spanish, Russian

Who should watch this movie: Baby gays. People who were (rightly) annoyed by Blue is the Warmest Color. 

When should you watch this movie: Immediately after taking an “Am I a Lesbian?” quiz online. When you’re considering re-watching the L-word. 

The sell: Room in Rome is about passion, not about love. The story takes place over the course of one night, as two women – strangers before this evening – spend hours learning about each other and lying about themselves. The story unfolds entirely in a single hotel room and yet the action still feels dynamic. Yes, there is a lot of sex and yes it is fantastic (the chemistry between the two women is simply beautiful), but the dialogue in between and sometimes during is even more intense. Changes in mood are palpable as the conversation moves from anecdote to anecdote and each woman attempts to determine if the other is being truthful. Both are trying to figure out what it means to be sharing this experience, and how it may change them. The audience as well is attempting to uncover truth in unreliable narration, and has to wonder what it all means. We see what is possible to be shared with a stranger and how we may be liberated by sharing everything.


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