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Do you think Disney knows how gay this is?


Release date: June 19, 1998
Director: Barry Cook, Tony Bancroft
Language: English

Who should watch this movie: People with young kids (watch it with them). Millennials who forgot how good it is

When should you watch this movie: Not with me, I compulsively say the lines out loud before they’re said in the movie. It’s annoying and I can’t stop it. 

The sell: Mulan is the gender critique Disney wasn’t ready for. There are a lot of songs about prescriptive gender roles and the movie dedicates 90% of its content to showing why and how they’re wrong (see: Honor to us all; I’ll make a man out of you, etc.). Mulan is about recognizing your own strength, defying society’s expectations, and standing up to evil. It’s also about Eddie Murphy playing a dragon. Mulan is timeless! Great dialogue, great songs, Eddie Murphy, and drag!


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