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Free Fall / Freier Fall

“Gay German policemen” sounds fun but trust me, it’s not


Release date: May 23, 2013
Director: Stephan Lacant
Language: German

Who should watch this movie: Queers with daddy issues. Folks with one or more AO3 tabs open on their browser right now. 

When should you watch this movie: When you’re heart is broken and you want to wallow. When you’re mid spiral and are leaning into it. 

The sell: This movie is quiet and slow, but I wouldn’t call it a slow burn. The tension kicks off right as the movie does and doesn’t dissipate for the remainder of its 100 minute run-time. Free Fall tells the story of Marc, a young police officer, who, despite his pregnant girlfriend at home, falls in love with a fellow officer and dives head first into a long, complicated affair.  As can be expected, in an attempt to have it all, Marc ends up with nothing. Yet, somehow, this movie walks the line between ambivalent observation and sharp morality play, letting the audience come to their own conclusions about Marc and his choices. In contrast to the intensity of story, the cinematography takes on a muted quality, which I suspect was meant to highlight the suppression of Marc’s true feelings, but instead ends up muddying the film’s thematic direction. As a whole, this movie is beautiful though not enjoyable, and honest though not memorable. 


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