Should you watch this movie?

Can’t decide what to watch? Fighting with your family/friend/partner about it?
Are things getting heated? Are relationships at stake?
Fear not.

Here is a one stop solution to all film-related disagreements.
My succinct reviews and correct opinions are here to answer the
age-old question: Should you watch this movie?

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Y’all knew this one was coming YES Release date: November 24, 2021Director: Jared Bush, Byron HowardLanguage: English, Spanish Who should watch this movie: Eldest daughters. People who love spending time with their family but not for more than 3 or 4 days at a time.  When should you watch this movie: On a sunny SundayContinue reading “Encanto”


I genuinely don’t know what to make of this, so this is just a rant.  MAYBE???? Release date: February 14, 1963Director: Federico FelliniLanguage: Italian Who should watch this movie: Everyone or no one.  When should you watch this movie: Frankly, whenever.  The sell: Being told a movie is genius before you see it has theContinue reading “81⁄2 “

Imagine Me and You

I have it on good authority that Lena Headey is still experiencing back pain from carrying this movie on her shoulders YES Release date: September 9, 2005Director: Ol ParkerLanguage: English Who should watch this movie: Lesbians who came out in their mid-late twenties. Kiddos still in the closet who are looking for a confidence boostContinue reading “Imagine Me and You”

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